Thursday, 29 December 2011

breezy day out in Blackpool

Well what a windy day it was yesterday spent in Blackpool it was hardwork staying upright on the front as the waves battered the new prom but it was very beautiful in the light with nature showing her force.

review of the year maybe......

Wow I can't believe its the end of the year and what a year it has been oh ok most people will say that but I have just looked back at my blog and I had forgotten soo much that has happened I can't believe it was only one year. I did say I was slowing down but I don't think I have it looks like I have done more this year than ever before!

This year I have been on the AA2A course at the University of Cumbria designed two whole new ranges of work. I attended the BCTF at Harrogate to huge success and then Potfest Scotland, Art Markets in Thirsk and both Spring and Winter fairs in Holmfirth. Potfest in the Park was an amazing weekend with some lovely work and potters too and then on to the C_Art Fair in Penrith, Nostalgia meets Design, Huddersfield Festival of Light and onto Vintage in the Bay at Arnside. I would like to take this time to apologise to all the galleries I didn't get to sending orders to I am very sorry I just didn't seem to have enough hours in the day! I will do better I promise to all those that stuck with me I would like to say thank you to The Platform Gallery, Clitheroe, The Heart Gallery, Hebden Bridge, Leeds Craft Centre and Design Gallery, Ramsgill Studios, The ArtRoom Gallery, Garstang and others who still have work in like The Northumbria Gallery in Hexham.

The schools, teachers and children I have worked with have been varied and some utterly amazing including Heasandford Primary and Cherryfold Primary both in Burnley, Lammack Primary School in Blackburn, St Mary and St Benedicts in Bamber Bridge, Great Marsden and St John, Nelson, Chipping St. Marys, Casterton Primary School, Burnley and Springfield Primary Accrington.

Then there are the three brick commissions, two waiting to be built and one in the process of designed! One will always be special to a few of you as the ashes of one of our friends will always be with it I won't say which one but thoses who know, know what I mean.

This is a design taken from a visit to a school in Trench near Telford for a new church/community centre down in Shropshire it is almost coming full circle as I grew up about 30 miles away from the village and my granddad was a brick maker in Stoke. Strange how things work out sometimes.

I have given myself concussion and had a bout of cellulitus on top of my auto immune arthritis which had been a bit of a battle this year too. I couldn't of done any of it without support from good friends and a fantastic mum and dad. I have turned the big 4 0 and celebrated with some of those good friends, firstly at a New York themed party then went to New York with some very lovely and very dear friends. Met someone very special and had city breaks and a wonderful week in Scotland thank you, you know who you all are.

Thanks one and all I think I might need a rest! So here's to the next year maybe not soo busy but you know me I will be busying myself with something. Watch this space.......................

Saturday, 17 December 2011

last show of the year was Vintage on the Bay

Well the weather was awful and tireness kicked in in the drive over to Arnside but the show was a great success for the organisers as it was their first. Vintage on the Bay was an ecclectic mix of designer makers and vintage sellers. I didn't do as well as I thought but loads of lovely comments some wishing they hadn't done their Christmas shopping so early and some lovely people through the doors so here to doing another one in the new year maybe.

my stand by Priscilla Jones one of the organisers

just after set up

Dylans mum

my stand

Stephen maning the stand oooh and new bunting

Monday, 5 December 2011

Festival of Light, Huddersfield

Well what a fun packed week that was! And today I am doing nothing oh ok I'll try not to but I think I have a reindeer costume to make anyway that's for another blog. So the weekend was a busy one with the first Art Market in Huddersfield Art Gallery it was a fab show lots of amazing work I could of spent a fortue.

my stand

There were some lovely people exhibiting there too. Here is just a few of the pics that came out on my phone. There is also an exhibiton of amazing work to be seen with a series of artist talks to run along side in January well worth a visit if you are in the area. You will not be disappointed honest.

Helen Russel

Julia Ogden
Brendan Hesmondhalgh

Anna Tosney

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Man in a Wall part 2

Finished piece ready for gouging packing and transportation. The transport didn't happen and I had to hire a van and get it there myself! It was an adventure but not to be repeated with such a deadline!

This was before recessing blocks to give it a more abstract feel. With stains to give it added depth and a little something else ;-) for Sharon x

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Man in a Wall

So this week or so I have been working on a brick commission for some interior designers working on a new Wetherspoons in Dorset.

The piece is based on a Man in a Wall so I am using standard brick facings but 330mm deep in a red Ibstock brick.

Planning and designing for the first carving looking at varying depths for each plane or section.

starting to smooth surfaces to differenciate the planes and section.

once I was happy with it I sent the pics to the commissiones who wants it to look more abstract.

so we coloured some of the surfaces and receded varing bricks to break up the surface. These can be accentuated when it is brick laid into the wall.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Art Market Meets Nostalgia

It's been a busy few weeks with two weekend shows and work sent to galleries for Christmas. The first show was the Art Market at Holmfirth which was really good for my birdhouses and porcelain snowflakes.

Stand at the Art Market

Birdhouses, more can be seen at the Artroom Gallery, Garstang Christmas Exhibition

The second show was Nostalgia Meets Design in Penrith which again was a good show, this time for my small 'flock' dishes and nostalgic maps and photos of the lakes vases.

Stand at NmD

There was also a night do with Nostalgia meets Design with three different bands on so I may of let my hair down with a few other makers and we indulged in a cocktail or two....

Priscilla Jones and her cocktails
And if you haven't seen it yet the Platform Gallery has put my image into this months Crafts magazine to promote their Christmas show and I have had a couple of phone calls already even from such a small picture so all good stuff. If you want to take a look, 'flock' are featuring in both the Platform Gallery in Clitheroe and the Heart Gallery in Hebden Bridge Christmas Exhibitions so please go and have a peek there are some lovely christmas present ideas in both shows.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Prep for the Art Market and Nostalgia meets Design

So the first one is Sunday so if you are anywhere near Holmfirth there is an amazing collection of contemporary makers displaying their wares at the Market Hall on the main street through the town.

Then the week after is the fab Nostalgia Meets Design up at the George Hotel in Penrith town centre you might even get a glimpse of me in some vintage gear!

There maybe some of the classic Christmas snowflakes on display along side my new work playing with my granddads button jar and my nans sewing box we shall see.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halloweeen in Barrowford

Well I am not too hot on the fancy dress but as I was dying my hair this afternoon I thought why not and put a white streak through it with watercolour crossing fingers it doesn't rain and here we are! Lily Munster! Honest!

Oh well there were better ones by the more experienced! There were more but I had put the camera away by then Helens was very scary!


cat woman

freddy kruger

cat in the hat

Matt being scary!

Reb O Ishii from Kill Bill

New in my Etsy shop

I am currently uploading work into my Etsy shop as my laptop has died after water damage and I can't access the back end of my website...