Monday, 23 April 2012

new brick piece being installed as I type.....

So the piece for Our Lady of the Rosary and St Luke's to give it its correct title has been delivered and being installed as we speak. I have been sent some pictures as the ones I took are not as good as the gentleman, Peter Bowyer who was sent to the roof to take these. I am so pleased they like the work it is always a little nerve racking as the last time they saw it it was brown and green.

There is talk of it being the new area logo and letter heading so I am quite sure they are very pleased. There will be a slight curve on the installation as the wall is curved it is being installed in but constructing it in wet brick with a 19mm curvature was going to cause more trouble than it was worth as the weight of the wet brick is a lot more than when fired. So the cross will be more prominent if it could be. I am awaiting a phone call as we will be discussing mortar colours soon as it will be pointed to match the staining all good stuff. More pics to follow.

Workshop at Slaidburn this weekend

Lancashire Witches 400 Project
A Full day of Creative Activities & Events
Organised by Green Close
Exploring the History of the Lancashire Witches
Slaidburn Village Hall
Saturday 28th April 2012

11am-4pm FREE Cold wax batik workshop, Artist Hilli McManus will lead a full-day workshop, exploring the effects of superstitions and long held cultural beliefs: participants will create dynamic images on fabric squares which will be sewn into a 'Community Quilt' (to be displayed at The Platform Gallery in Clitheroe) which will then be auctioned in aid of Stepping Stones Nigeria, a charity working in the Niger Delta with children accused of witchcraft today.

11am-4pm FREE Brick carving workshop, Green Close has been working with Lancashire Countryside Service and local walking groups to develop a new long-distance walking route, for Lancashire running from Pendle to Lancaster, following the historical journey the accused ‘witches’ may have made. Join artist Julie Miles, who will lead a full-day workshop, helping participants to create interesting carved brick way markers for the route, which passes through the heart of Slaidburn.

The Pendle Witches 1612-2012 A Talk by Historian Robert Poole 7.30pm 400 Years ago Pendle was at the heart of England’s biggest single witch trial; 19 people were tried as witches and 10 were hanged: Historian Robert Poole from the University of Cumbria will deliver an illustrated talk on this history and explain his enduring fascination with the subject…
015242-21233 or 01200 446555

Suitable for participants over 11 years of age:
please wear old clothes for workshop activity

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

April Updates

Well isn't this year moving fast. I can't quite believe it's April already. I think I have over done it a bit on the work front and things aren't as they should be but I am getting there slowly. I have had a brief visit from a student from Manchester interested in bricks. Hmmm I love bricks have I said that before? so I obviously said yes and also it was an enforced day off then really from any heavy lifting etc. We went to see the giant brick and I had a visit to my very forst brick sculpture in Burnley to see how it is fairing looks like nature is taking it back as mosses and lichens are growing on the surface. I also had a quick trip to a lovely school in Morecambe who will soon be featuring these beauties on their fencing.

And as I should be resting I just thought these pieces from last years Potfest in the Park would look good in the garden before everything springs up out of the ground. Oh and I may of painted the shed but I was resting honest!

New in my Etsy shop

I am currently uploading work into my Etsy shop as my laptop has died after water damage and I can't access the back end of my website...