Monday, 23 April 2012

new brick piece being installed as I type.....

So the piece for Our Lady of the Rosary and St Luke's to give it its correct title has been delivered and being installed as we speak. I have been sent some pictures as the ones I took are not as good as the gentleman, Peter Bowyer who was sent to the roof to take these. I am so pleased they like the work it is always a little nerve racking as the last time they saw it it was brown and green.

There is talk of it being the new area logo and letter heading so I am quite sure they are very pleased. There will be a slight curve on the installation as the wall is curved it is being installed in but constructing it in wet brick with a 19mm curvature was going to cause more trouble than it was worth as the weight of the wet brick is a lot more than when fired. So the cross will be more prominent if it could be. I am awaiting a phone call as we will be discussing mortar colours soon as it will be pointed to match the staining all good stuff. More pics to follow.


  1. Hello from another ex-Cardiff College of Art! (left in 1977!!)

  2. hello wow I bet it hadn't changed much and the kilns would be the same! So do you still make? jx


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