Tuesday, 23 October 2012

new work - Birch trees

Well I have debuted the new work, 'Birch Trees' at the Northern Potters West Exhibition at PR1 in UCLANs Victoria building in Preston. 

Birches are a bit of an obsession I love them for their drooping branches, white paper park, beautiful yellows in the autumn and purple haze in the winter. They give so much joy in all seasons. 
I am making more in the kiln as we speak it's the first time I think I have used my potters stamp as I normally sign the bottom but as they are soo thin it was a bit harder. 


 Other exhibits I liked were.....

Dan Bridge

Geoff Wilcox

David Horsfall

Eryl Fryer

It's on for the next few weeks and all works are for sale too 
so go and have a look. 

There are a few pieces I missed but it is a good show. 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Our Lady of the Rosary and St Lukes Brick commission

Well at last I have pictures of the installed piece.

Not sure why I have not been to see it yet....time, busyness etc but my mother went to stay at her sisters in Staffordshire and visit her oldest friend in Newport, Shropshire a few miles away from the piece so she went to take pictures. It is actually not far from where I grew up in Shropshire but it gives away the fact that I am a ceramic cliche as I was born in Stoke (it says so on my passport!) My parents are from Newcastle-under-Lyme and most of the relatives worked in pot banks or brick works.  So must be in the blood?

Monday, 1 October 2012

rotating pictures

This has never happened to me before but I can not for the life of me turn my pictures in my blog the right way round. I have always done it before i uploaded them but they have reverted to their original at source....help anyone please.

done it!

you have to do it in picasa web where your blog pictures are stored but noe they look squished hmmmmm.

phew then you go in to edit and revert normal size and choose the size you want a palaver if anything put the guinea pigs are looking good waiting on the finished photos from the  school too.

New in my Etsy shop

I am currently uploading work into my Etsy shop as my laptop has died after water damage and I can't access the back end of my website...