Sunday, 27 February 2011

Cocktails, New York and Cocktails in New York!

Well I have turned an age I thought I would never see so I had a New York themed party to celebrate and to keep my mind off turning a ceratin age! I built a cocktail bar and decked out the house and they all came dressed with a New York theme. You had to be there, from DC Comics characters to Big Bird from Sesame Street you really had to be there. And the boys went all out with Sex and the City it was truly amazing night.

Tallulah and Holly Golightly

So back to work for one week I went still no sign of any or my lovely art materials orders but they said they were on their way hmmm we will see.

And now I am back from an amazing time in New York with Holly Golightly and Richard her hubbie and friend. We flew in and spent our first evening in an Irish Bar well you would wouldn't you. The week has flown and fun was had with on our first day visits to the USS Intrepid and Top of the Rock

Fun Facts: Tomcat as used in Top Gun
Top of the Rock, with cast iron building adornments
We had a meal that night at Dawat which is Madhur Jaffreys place which was good but limited for vegan choices. Woke up on our second day to a snow covered New York. A beautiful scene on the way to Museum of Modern Art.

Spent a full day at the MoMA which was really busy but good it's only my second visit and didn't have much time the first time. It is an amazing place to visit with alot of Abstract Expressionism

Pollock details
I could sit and stare into these painting for hours I love them I am not sure why but you can lose yourself into the surfaces and depth of each one. Really love his work and bought a rather lovely book on Jackson Pollock which I have just unwrapped.

Ceramics and architecture were featured as well as paintings etc which is a nice mix of art forms within the permanent collections and the book shop is always a fantastic place to discover new works and new artists.

Montauk Point Lighthouse, Long Island

Montauk beach
Meet me in Montauk

The Hamptons
We also hired a car and drove out of the city to Montauk Point which unfortunately was closed for the winter. It was a lovely little seaside town with Mr Johns Pancake house and a liquor store and the Memory Hotel, inspiration for a Rolling Stones record. The snow on the beach was amazing and we drove onto the Hamptons to find the beach house from Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. We nearly found it but it has such a fantastic space and light I don't think it mattered with such an uplifting place with spectacular views, not sure what it would be like in the summer season though. Deer were spotted too on the way.

A day of shopping followed with a trip up the Empire State building. Timed to catch the sun setting across the buildings giving a golden glow. I stupidly forgot both cameras so made do with the iphone and played with the lights from the building. Quite emotional for me as I promised myself I would return for my birthday so the trip was thirteen years in the planning and it as worth it to see the sun set across New York.

The final day was spent walking through Central Park to the Guggenhiem which is unfortunately shut on a Thursday but I wouldn't want to have missed the sunset so wasn't that bothered as we got to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art instead. Five days just isn't enough time to get to see it all but it was enough as I am completely exhausted at the end of it all.

Central Park

Sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Alberto Giacometti

Felt drawn to these pieces and have always loved Giacometti. His drawings are amazing mix of line and space we found some in an office entrance whilst we walked around the city there is so much art to discover. We did have an conversation about how much was lost in art terms in 9/11 as the offices would have been adorned with a lot of modern pieces. Not sure if that has been looked into with such a loss of life, seems incidental but it was a thought. We didn't go to that end of the island we have all been before and it just leaves a unsettling feeling over you so we stayed up the top end and well we didn't really have the time to do it all but it was enough to see what we wanted. The road trip to Long Island makes this trip stand out against the normal city breaks. It was amazing to drive through the Hamptons with their own Tiffany shop on the high street and numorous antique shops and vineyards. All shut for the cold winter with the temperature not geting above 0 all the time we were there. New York in February is an experience I recommend, am not sure what it would be like in searing heat its hustle and bustle etc of the summer. The last thoughs before I try to sleep and get back into UK time was it was a complete blast. Cocktails, beer, beach, snow, art, shopping and sites seen. An experience, amazing and thank you, you know who you are x

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