Sunday, 30 March 2014

Playing with Porcelain and Stitch one day workshop for teachers etc.

So Thursday saw Priscilla Jones and I run a one day workshop in Porcelain and Stitch at Higherford Mill. 

We had mainly teachers as participants for a couple of schools then a retired teacher enjoying the freedom to explore her own creativity. 

The Day started with Tea and Coffee and straight into machine stitch and collage of painted fabrics, lace, netting etc to build up a surface to impressed into the clay. 

Priscilla ran through a number of techniques to embellish the surfaces including couching embroidery threads and to remember to write backwards for impressing text into the clay.

Everyone was very industrious with their own machines all being Berninas Priscilla's machine of choice, she was rather pleased. 

After lunch we launched into working in the clay talking through how the clay can be incorporated into their embroidery as in shards or fragments. Through to creating their own vessels using slab building techniques.

This is a lovely piece using the collage made in the morning in fabric and rolling it into the porcelain and adding more textures building up the shapes to create a fabulous free form piece that holes were added to make hanging off more fabric easier.

 Constructing vessels and using stamps to enhance the surfaces.

We are running our final weekend workshop next weekend before the summer and we have a few places left if you fancy exploring new techniques and feeling creative. We had a lovely email that evening thanking us for a lovely workshop you can't get better than that :-) 

contact me at for further details

Friday, 28 March 2014

blackbird eggs and feathers

Blackbird egg and feathers

small cow parsley

Just a little post to say my new work the cow parsley and the feathers and bird eggs should be on display next week here at the Padiham Arts and Crafts Market 11am-4pm Saturday 5th April. 

follow the links below for more info and more exhibitors

facebook pages for the market can be found here too.


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

cow parsley and feathers all in a days work

New work based on some photos taken at Wycollar this February whilst walking with Sara and Nina the greyhound.

 The Crowtree pieces are derived from my witches work back in 2012 the anniversary of the deaths of Alice Nutter and the Pendle Witches.

Not sure if the feathers are too heavy and need a lighter touch or was playing with the idea of blue blackbird eggs too. 

Though Spring is definitely rearing its colourful head I seem to be exploring more tonal hues...... oh alright black and white :-) 

hound drawings

So I have been practicing my hounds and I worked into the top one after the mark making workshop. Considering I have never been brave enough to draw dogs before I am a little bit excited as I have been asked to draw a group so we shall see how well that goes and whether they end up a little more characterful like the hares......

Sunday, 2 March 2014

new porcelain workshops

So the start of a newish half term and I am starting Beginners Porcelain again on Wednesday if anyone is interested. 

You will learn basic techniques of hand building, throwing and decorations over the 5 weeks with the last two weeks time to explore your newly acquired skills to create your own portfolio of work be it a range of jewellery, a collection of vessels or things for you to enjoy around the home or to make for gifts for others. 

Here are a selection of things made during the last too courses a mixture of hand building, thrown and pinch pots. 

Beginners Porcelain starts on March 5th for 5 weeks 7-9pm £75 including materials and tea and coffee etc. 

Then Thursday sees the start of intermediate porcelain classes when the teaching will be tailored to individual learners as you will have participated on the taster Beginners course and hopefully be able to develop your own style and way of working. Looking at finish and decoration. 

Intermediate Porcelain Thursday 6th March 6 wks £95 to include reasonable amounts of materials. More can be purchased if necessary. 

Email me at for details and have a look at my Pinterest boards especially this one for inspiration. 

Workshops to be held at Higherford Mill 
Gisburn Road, Barrowford, Lancashire, BB9 6JH

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Mark Marking workshop

Well what a lovely day I have had participating on Priscilla Jones Mark making workshop at the Platform Gallery in Clitheroe. Its unusual for me to take part as I am normally running my own or working or something important but it has been a fabulous day and I think I need to do more soon. 

We watched as Priscilla made mark making tools out of wire, mesh, sponge etc and mixed Procyon dyes for us to use with bleach to give a depth of mark. Then prepare grounds with emulsion paints and other such papers to absorb or resist the inks. 

We weren't allowed to use paint brushes or the normal things associated with inks etc. Though I would do this with flower stalks, feathers and twigs I would not use wire wrapes with fabric or pipe cleaners etc in my own work so it has freed up my mark making hopefully for the better. 

These are my attempts so I didn't stray so far away from my hare drawings staying within my comfort zone to a point.

And I have been asked this week if I would have a go at drawing some hunting hounds. So I had a little go.....

There were a number of teachers on the course having ago at freeing up their practice too. It was an enjoyable day had by all and these two examples were using bleach on top of ink using all the tools that they had made that day. 

New in my Etsy shop

I am currently uploading work into my Etsy shop as my laptop has died after water damage and I can't access the back end of my website...