Sunday, 30 March 2014

Playing with Porcelain and Stitch one day workshop for teachers etc.

So Thursday saw Priscilla Jones and I run a one day workshop in Porcelain and Stitch at Higherford Mill. 

We had mainly teachers as participants for a couple of schools then a retired teacher enjoying the freedom to explore her own creativity. 

The Day started with Tea and Coffee and straight into machine stitch and collage of painted fabrics, lace, netting etc to build up a surface to impressed into the clay. 

Priscilla ran through a number of techniques to embellish the surfaces including couching embroidery threads and to remember to write backwards for impressing text into the clay.

Everyone was very industrious with their own machines all being Berninas Priscilla's machine of choice, she was rather pleased. 

After lunch we launched into working in the clay talking through how the clay can be incorporated into their embroidery as in shards or fragments. Through to creating their own vessels using slab building techniques.

This is a lovely piece using the collage made in the morning in fabric and rolling it into the porcelain and adding more textures building up the shapes to create a fabulous free form piece that holes were added to make hanging off more fabric easier.

 Constructing vessels and using stamps to enhance the surfaces.

We are running our final weekend workshop next weekend before the summer and we have a few places left if you fancy exploring new techniques and feeling creative. We had a lovely email that evening thanking us for a lovely workshop you can't get better than that :-) 

contact me at for further details

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