Friday, 24 February 2012

a lovely weekend in London town

Quite disappointed that the streets aren't actually paved with gold and I never met a chimney sweep but hey I spent an arty weekend in London last weekend. 

It started with a walk through Hampstead Heath up to Parliment Hill over looking London. It was more like a warm Autumn evening than a cold February day but it was lovely to see wildlife and lots of birds in the centre of such a big city. Saturday we went to the Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy but sadly no pictures were taken in there. It is an amazing show with his sketchbooks, ipad drawings and paintings of the East Yorkshire landscape really made me want to visit there as I have not really spent much time in that part of Britain. 

We tried to get tickets to Grayson Perrys Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman but it was completely sold out unfortunately. But of the two the Hockney was amazing.

We also found an amazing ice cream parlour called Gelato Mio who make a strawberry sorbet to die for. 

Sunday involved flying homemade kites made from the Evening Standard on the Heath in bright sunshine. We tried two different designs which need modification for next time but it was really good fun. I actually can't believe how busy it was there. Up here we go out to get away from it all but the heath was as busy as a Saturday morning supermarket shop!

Sunday afternoon was spent wandering around the Courtauld Gallery looking at the Mondrian Nicholson In Parallel exhibition. I loved the Nicholsons especially the hand carved ones where no rulers were involved. 

The day ended with a stroll along the south bank to Tate Modern where the birch trees are lit beautifully and my photos don't do them justice at all. 

It was a fab arty weekend thanks to a lovely man and fab friends who got me tickets to the Hockney. Thanks to all responsible and hopefully London inspired work to come. Watch this space. 

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