Friday, 18 March 2011

blue skies, beach sculptures and BCTF!

Today was a fantastic day weather wise and playtime was spent in Morecambe with 38 year 5/6s from a school in Bamber Bridge! We went to see the Tern Project which is sited along the prom an amazing mix of sculptures, games, poems, etc on our doorstep and a fab place to take school children to look at site specific work linked to the curriculum. We walked along the proms towards the Midland Hotel, passed the chap who looks like Elton John!? hmmm well they are only 9 -11 so I suppose they will not know who Eric Morecambe was!


We took rubbings and sketched in our handmade notebooks about the trail and walked along the stone jetty to see the bird sculptures along the way.

We met a TV film crew along the way who where investigating the heart of Morecambe I think they had found it as the sun was out and the sea calm with the tide in and there were a lot of people using the prom to walk, cycle, take their dogs for a walk, it was a lovely atmosphere for the children to experience as some had not left Preston never mind been to Morecambe and that included a TA!

We ended the day with a scavenge hunt on the beach to find things to make sculptures inspired by what we had seen. This is my effort with some children to try and make a bird of some kind not bad for a 5 minutes I thought!

So tomorrow is the big push for the BCTF in two weeks I have some bisque fired work and some ready to go in the kiln. I picked up my new plinths today which need to be constructed so that's tomorrows job crossing fingers that the weather is as good as today. Some of my new work have birds on them so I can see a loose thread evolving, we shall see.

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