Sunday, 17 February 2013

feeling better

Well that was eventful! I was happily minding my own business and selling things to lovely people at my open studio event, ok I had a sniffle but really it wasn't that bad was it? Hmmmm the sale went really really well there are some things left over and I have been told I am not allowed to throw them against the wall (ceramic pieces obviously) so there will be a box of odds and ends outside the studio for a bit but the rest (paintings) need to find a home or storage as I love the space I have freed up in my studio and I don't want to give it up.

Anyway on the Monday after the sale we all awoke to snow and lots of it didn't we and well I couldn't see out of my left eye. Hmmmm I could when I went to bed, strange to wake up to a very swollen eye, so off to Urgent care in the snow but not without falling over first and to be admitted for 8 days at the Royal Blackburn Hospital! Eeek! Peri-orbital cellulitis by all accounts! And due to the immune suppressants I am taking from my auto immune disorder it was touch and go whether the antibiotics would work but luckily by Thursday it was responding and I didn't loose my eye. Phew! Apparently it was because I had Sinusitis and they are all wrapped around the eye socket. I was also told I was very very lucky! So that's my month what about yours? All well? good at least some of us enjoyed the snow though I was told it wasn't snowman building snow?

So this week I have gone back to work so playing catch up for nearly a months worth of stuff and also had a birthday. Was trying to keep my drawing up so was playing about with inks and hares I hope you like them as they will be on display at the Cross Gaits Inn, Blacko from March 14th. 

And this week I was in St Leonard's Primary School in Langho working alongside Year 5 on the Stations of the Cross for this Easters Palm Sunday Service with the Bishop! Nothing like a bit of pressure for my first week back is there!

They are drying now, waiting to be fired so will post when finished I think we were all pleased with our efforts in two days.

New in my Etsy shop

I am currently uploading work into my Etsy shop as my laptop has died after water damage and I can't access the back end of my website...