Monday, 27 September 2010

work rest and play at the Cymru Contemporary Craft Fair

Saturday was spent exhibiting at the Cymru Contemporary Craft Fair. The sun was out and there was a steady stream of people through till mid afternoon. Lots of lovely comments but not a lot of buyers unfortunately. It was a good show with some very good makers, Gwen Bainbridge, Lisa Edul, Nicola and Andy Cheers, Pricilla Jones, Mary Chappelhow and Catrin Mostyn Jones who was the organiser. Lots of hard work organising it all, stands looked good and bunting strung everywhere. Putting it down to experience, it was a fab weekend spent with really good friends and caught up with some old ones too so I actually enjoyed myself so can't be all bad. Even found a resturant that served me a lacto intolerant summer fruit pavlova and oh how I enjoyed it! With raspberry sorbet oh it was that delicious I nearly proposed! lol!

Next job is sorting out work to launch my Notonthehighstreet page this week. Camera and light box set up in the dining room to get some shots of my work to go on the website. So wish me luck as have never done this before. Will keep you updated on progress.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

A weekend off no don't be silly!

Well this week has been different. After a full on weekend last week I have had some nice days this week and then hectic making days as well. Just got a reorder from the Craft and design Centre in Leeds today which is fab, a good selection of vases. I am pleased as I haven't got many galleries these days so it's a start and I will take some photos of my new works too and see what they think. It would be good to get some feedback.

So I almost achieved the full kiln just a shelf off but it was double shelves all the way so not too much of a shabby effort. Will post a pic as soon as they are out. I love them and they will be on my tree this year.

Yesterday I did buy myself a lovely new compact camera which was a treat. I have coverted my mums Canon sx200is for ages since I took an amazing close up of a dragonfly on holiday in Scotland so I am hoping it will influence a new body of work taking close ups of insects and flowers in the very near future we shall see.

First pics taken in my garden

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

So on snowflake duty tomorrow

Yes I am going really commercial for CCC and making my snowflakes. I am aiming for a full kilns worth tomorrow, pictures to follow, as I realised I haven't got any of them. They were a top seller at Manchester Christmas markets lets hope that it's not too early for folk in Wales!

Have made a pact to be in early and have the kettle on for half 9 for our first brew let's hope I am up! Too many lie in this week but working the weekend makes me justify it to myself but need to get a kiln on tomorrow night so I have a lot to do after leaving early after narrowly been missed by a pallet truck full of breese blocks which totalled the pine table we sit at for breaks and also nearly hit Monteeee. If Joe hadn't jumped up to save him from being run over she would of been crushed! Scary or what and doesn't bare thinking about what could of happened but we needed to leave and have a strong cup of really coffee at Joes for the shock! 

It's never boring!
lovely work by friend Gwen Bainbridge who I am sharing a B and B with next weekend

Cymru Contemporary Craft fair prep in 9 days time

Ok so I thought I'd share some musing with you all about my adventure in clay and other bits and pieces. I have another blogg which I use as a personnal diary so I thought I'd make one that I can go public with and share some musing about my life as an artist in Pennine Lancashire and further afield. So here goes

New in my Etsy shop

I am currently uploading work into my Etsy shop as my laptop has died after water damage and I can't access the back end of my website...