Saturday, 18 September 2010

A weekend off no don't be silly!

Well this week has been different. After a full on weekend last week I have had some nice days this week and then hectic making days as well. Just got a reorder from the Craft and design Centre in Leeds today which is fab, a good selection of vases. I am pleased as I haven't got many galleries these days so it's a start and I will take some photos of my new works too and see what they think. It would be good to get some feedback.

So I almost achieved the full kiln just a shelf off but it was double shelves all the way so not too much of a shabby effort. Will post a pic as soon as they are out. I love them and they will be on my tree this year.

Yesterday I did buy myself a lovely new compact camera which was a treat. I have coverted my mums Canon sx200is for ages since I took an amazing close up of a dragonfly on holiday in Scotland so I am hoping it will influence a new body of work taking close ups of insects and flowers in the very near future we shall see.

First pics taken in my garden

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