Thursday, 17 July 2014

Tatton Park Flower Show 2014

Well its nearly upon us the Flower Show at Tatton Park. I have always wanted to visit it as I go to the Southport Flower Show every year but it's always been on at the same time as Potfest in the Park. Well as I wasn't selected this year to exhibit there I was really not sure what to do until I was approached by the Flower Show exhibitions team. So after a little bit of umming and arrring I decided to take the plunge and well here it is July already!

Wednesday 23rd - Saturday 27th July 
10am - 6.30pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm *
* plant sell-off 4pm

I will be in the Horticultural Arts and Craft Pavilion stand number HA/26

So I am showing my floral pieces as they are very appropriate to where we will be. I am a little nervous so I am hoping people will be nice. I will of course be taking the animal heads and some of my smaller sketches as they seem as popular too so cross your fingers for me and I will report back on Sunday or Monday if I haven't recovered. Or come along and say hello



How to get there.

Follow the link to find ways of getting there via public transport and parking etc.
Tatton Park
Mereheath Lane

 ps now if I am doing it on crutches you have no excuse ;-)

but if you can't check out my new shop

Monday, 7 July 2014

New Online Shop launched this July

So whilst in a leg cast I thought I would spend my time a little more productively and have set up a New Online Shop

Click on the link to be taken straight to the shop and have a peek. If you spot any mistakes then give me a shout as I have proof read it many times but there is always something you miss.

So there is a bit of everything from pots to
drawings and Trophy Heads series and to celebrate the launch 
I am giving you free postage and packing for the whole of July!

Todd £55

Paddy £35

Clematis £45

Bluebell vases

Bluebell vase - tall £42

Do you like Butter?

Dandelion clock vases

 Clara £30 

school school schools

So a flurry of schools means I have neglected my blog but also I have my leg in a cast so once home I have collapsed on the sofa, leg up and promptly fallen asleep! Tired is not the word. 

Well lets see what have I missed blogging......
I had 3 days in Shevington Primary School working on a clay mural of Shevington in 1814 for the schools 200th Birthday. Then on to Blacko Primary School who came to the Mill for a day of art activity with Karen of Redcurrant Glass and me. So thumb pot animals or pets were explored though there are some strange pets in them there hill. Then we had a Well Being Twilight at Marsden Primary School with some beautiful T-light holders too.

And then on to Aughton Town Green Primary School in Aughton nr Ormskirk and a weeks worth of designing and creating a mosaic to celebrate their 50th birthday too.

So less of the chat and on to the pics

I stood on a chair and still couldn't get it all in!

So next stop is the pictures from Shevington's mural. Each class worked on a section of the mural such as farmland and jobs the children did such as the long summer holidays to help collect the crops. Another class looked at the what jobs and how they lived on the canal. The mines were very important too and the children were used to push the carts of coal along the shafts.

 Some strange pets in them there hills of Blacko

And last but not least the fabulous t- lights from the teachers at Marsden Primary School.

Oh and this is my new cast.....
5 weeks and we shall see if I need surgery or not. Cross fingers not!

New in my Etsy shop

I am currently uploading work into my Etsy shop as my laptop has died after water damage and I can't access the back end of my website...