Sunday, 14 June 2015

Duke Street Primary School Centenary Mosaic

So this week I have been working in a primary school on Chorley with all the students and mostly all the staff in the school. I was invited after completing the Aughton Town Green School mosaic last year where the Deputy head of Duke Streets Mrs Ridleys son attends. We talked about the best way for whole school collaboration on the Centenary celebration and mosaics are a great way for all to contribute from ideas gathering to drawing and actual completion with each process competed by the children. 

I worked with the juniors on Monday gathering ideas about the school and what they liked best about their school. Monday I had a meeting with the teaching staff and talked about what the children had drawn which centred on friendship, sharing, growth, from small acorns etc. It was quite a lovely thing as most schools want to centre on what they do, curriculum based but this was a lovely idea that came solely from the children.

I amalgamated all the ideas into 3 large designs and had a quick meeting with the staff on Tuesday morning leading to the the final ideas which I drew with still some gaps for developing as we created the final design.

I couldn't do any off it without the amazing TA staff namely Mrs Wilson and especially Mrs Cameron who was not fazed by the untidy state of the floor after polishing the final design with newspaper which is the best way to remove grouting dust helped by Y6 with 3 students giving up their Golden Time.

So after one very busy and exhausting week the final design is now complete.
We took some final photos that will eventually be used on a mug that will be given to each and every child in the school. A well deserved reward for all the childrens and staffs hard work.

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