Monday, 13 February 2012

a lovely birthday week

rocket stories Y2

rocket story telling seat made with the infants of Casterton Primary School, Burnley.

I had a lovely birthday week thanks to all my lovely friends. It started with a EPIC drive through the snow last weekend after a girlie day in Harrogate and there were lovely meals with friends throughout the week. 
I worked with the lovely Y2s at Casterton who had patiently had been waiting for the weather to get better to finish their storytelling seats. A childrens rocket and a more adult sized dragon with wings. I think you can see there were some good results even if the ground was still solid in places and I couldn't feel my fingers at some points.

My actually birthday was spend at a lovely cafe in Grassington called The Retreat with the mill lot, Joes art dealer Simon and the lovely Stephen.We all could eat afters as they catered for freaky eaters as well! 

I also went to the beach via a nature park in Fleetwood where I worked with the ranger service and some young people looking at the regeneration of the surroundings after a power station was pulled down on the site. We created clay identification panels and this was the first time I had seen them. The installation left a lot to be desired as some were the wrong way up but at least they were in!

The sea was very calm even though the life boat was returning from somewhere but it was very misty. We did collect lots of lovely beach finds though. A lovely week was had a lot calmer than last year but it was very lovely. Thank you all involved.


  1. I have been to the nature reserve there in Fleetwood, and I had wondered who had made those. Very much like hanging a Turner back in the day the people round here really don't understand.

    They are really interesting though.

    1. Hi Joseph I worked with a local wildlife group at Stanna and we collected the flora that regenerated the site and from the surrounding areas and rolled into a crank clay. It should withstand low temps as well so hopefully survive the coldest of winters. We also took plaster casts of bird prints of the visiting ducks etc. We had a fab summer working on the project and they were to make up identification boards for the site. I handed them over for installation to the contractors to install but they seem not to be the best at that. I don't understand why the adhesive has been wiped over the fronts as its not going to wash off is it! I think the idea works getting young people and families involved if a little tatty on presentation! There should be two more sculpture one as a gateway and another further over into the site but they never materialized. That wasn't my commission though unfortunately. jx

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    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes I had a really nice time and am off to London this weekend so stretching it out for another week ;-) x


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