Saturday, 1 March 2014

Mark Marking workshop

Well what a lovely day I have had participating on Priscilla Jones Mark making workshop at the Platform Gallery in Clitheroe. Its unusual for me to take part as I am normally running my own or working or something important but it has been a fabulous day and I think I need to do more soon. 

We watched as Priscilla made mark making tools out of wire, mesh, sponge etc and mixed Procyon dyes for us to use with bleach to give a depth of mark. Then prepare grounds with emulsion paints and other such papers to absorb or resist the inks. 

We weren't allowed to use paint brushes or the normal things associated with inks etc. Though I would do this with flower stalks, feathers and twigs I would not use wire wrapes with fabric or pipe cleaners etc in my own work so it has freed up my mark making hopefully for the better. 

These are my attempts so I didn't stray so far away from my hare drawings staying within my comfort zone to a point.

And I have been asked this week if I would have a go at drawing some hunting hounds. So I had a little go.....

There were a number of teachers on the course having ago at freeing up their practice too. It was an enjoyable day had by all and these two examples were using bleach on top of ink using all the tools that they had made that day. 

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