Tuesday, 23 October 2012

new work - Birch trees

Well I have debuted the new work, 'Birch Trees' at the Northern Potters West Exhibition at PR1 in UCLANs Victoria building in Preston. 

Birches are a bit of an obsession I love them for their drooping branches, white paper park, beautiful yellows in the autumn and purple haze in the winter. They give so much joy in all seasons. 
I am making more in the kiln as we speak it's the first time I think I have used my potters stamp as I normally sign the bottom but as they are soo thin it was a bit harder. 


 Other exhibits I liked were.....

Dan Bridge

Geoff Wilcox

David Horsfall

Eryl Fryer

It's on for the next few weeks and all works are for sale too 
so go and have a look. 

There are a few pieces I missed but it is a good show. 

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