Sunday, 22 May 2011

My week in pictures.....

The week started with a delivery of a big bunch of flowers to make me smile I don't think I have had flowers delivered before, ever, it was a lovely surprise.

First school of the week involved decorating our mini beasts with under glazes and then covering with a layer of slip these wee beasties will adorn the entrance hall of a a school which we are turning into the enchanted forest....did I say I love my job sometimes.

The next day was Ancient Egypt with Cherryfold a stressful day with Ofsted in but we got outstanding results so all worth it and these are our cartouches with the completed River Nile on our tableau outside the classroom we seem to have taken over the whole corridor with work, oops.

Day three in school involved making our own Grecian urns with year 3s at Lammack Primary School. A good day was had by all, new techniques but ancient methods learnt by the children and then I got to play at after schools art and craft club well I couldn't resist constructing and creating this little creature.....

Away from work and we had a new addition to the Miles family, after losing our German Shepherd dog Max over 10 months ago my parents could not stand the empty nest much longer and plumped for a lovely dog called Charlie who is a cross breed from the RSPCA at Altham near where they live he is a cutie and very placid as he is finding his feet in his new home. Though he's found the cream sofas which my dad isn't to pleased about and he dug up mums onion setts as quickly as she planted them!I think with a face like that he got away with both misdemeanors and will love his new home!

And so to the weekend with Hannah's Hen do with a difference she wants willow lanterns to adorn the gardens at the reception and so we roped the girls in at my studios to create them well why not when you have willing participants.

And on to an evening of pink champagne, talk of the venue at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park over a takeaway curry, and Breakfast at Tiffanys, all good stuff. Sad to miss Joejoes birthday bash at the mill though as we went down too earlier and it hadn't started! Hoping they had good fun and the weather didn't spoil the evenings festivities!

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