Friday, 11 May 2012

Helen Oxleys' Skin at the ACE Centre

So this week sees the start of Helen Oxleys Skin exhibition at the ACE Centre in Nelson. Helen is one of the artists at Higherford Mill displaying her brand new work for the first time in Lancashire.

"My work is primarily concerned with the creative process...the making of the piece becomes just as important as the final product. By pouring and pushing the paint through a tilted surface and letting gravity spread the liquid I aim to challenge the viewer to consider what painting is."

There was a good turn out and a meal afterwards so a good opening night had by all.

So a week after the open studios I am still recovering. It's been a busy week and there's more to come this week so I was glad of a day off on Monday with Stephen who worked the teas and coffees at the weekend bless him. So ice cream and candy floss was called for....

Even if it was a tad bit cold. 

This weekend is open studios again but I won't be there so I tidied up and made a display with my lovely new shelves found at GB Antiques or 'The Shed Of Joy'
As Dylans' mum calls it. We met and foraged for displays for me and Gwens' jewellery as the next Nostalgia meets Design is not far away,
the 26th of May to be exact! 

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