Thursday, 27 September 2012

back in the saddle

First workshop back this term and what a day we had! I went to work at Wheatley Lane Primary school looking at PSHE (?) and looking after things i.e. the class guinea pigs. 

How cute! I was given one to hold called Toffee and to be honest I was very excited! The teacher did say she was going to check my pockets before I left just in case I had smuggled poor Toffee out. There were two class gps which were very young and very cute. Then lovely TA brought in her 'babies' for us to study and draw. 

After lunch we then launched into making clay heads from our drawings.Using basic thumb pot techniques we used a red earthenware add  a little porcelain for definition at the end.

I added a little copper too to enhance the sgraffito designs.

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