Friday, 24 May 2013

busy week in school

Phew that was manic 5 days in school with 35 year 6s working towards their arts award. We planned to celebrate their years in school and learn new skills in the process so we looked at creating new fabric and tie dyeing. That was the first day so we had the materials to create our banners. 
Each one with a different theme so we went for Key Stages 1 & 2, visitors to school including Prince Charles, visits with school and the people that touched their lives and journey through the school, Cherryfold Primary.

So I present the finished banners well there maybe some 
tweaking but here they are. 

visitors in school including Prince Charles

key stage 1

key stage 2


helping hands

my contribution :-)


  1. Thanks H it was quite hard work but we got there in the end! We were going to do 6 but we didn't get there x

    1. ha ha, what you got done was good enough x


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