Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New Etsy Shop

Finbar the hare £75 +p&p

So I have bitten the bullet and opened a new shop on Etsy for my drawings to see how it goes. This is the first time I have really looked at selling them properly as I just enjoy drawing them to help with the making of my clay hares. 
Comfrey the Hare £65 +p&p

I have another shop on Folksy for jewellery but that doesn't seem to be very popular. 

Crows Trees Pendant £18 + p&p

And last but not least my shop of pots 

Daisy Daisy


  1. Congratulations on opening shop for your art work! They're quite adorable, and I hope it's doing good for these past months. My only tip would be that you build up some more following so that your shop would attract a lot more visitors that it deserves! Good luck!

    Clint @ Franchise Match

    1. Hi Clint My Etsy shop doesn't seem to be doing great maybe they need to be framed? so I am looking into that at the moment

      Thanks for your kind comment

      best wishes


  2. I think you have a lovely talent. I checked it out and I personally like your jewelry shop, as I think your products are very cute and whimsical. I do have to say that your drawings are very captivating. I hope you do well on your business. :)

    Jason Whitewood @ Viper Online


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