Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Fence Gate, Artisan Market in Burnley and other adventures

Sorry I feel I have neglected you a bit lately it's been a whirlwind of commissions and getting things ready for the first Burnley Artisan Market too.

Firstly I was contacted for a commission for a hare for a feature fireplace about a month ago. The commission was for a more quirky, more characterful hare to be a centrepiece for a local pub/restaurant the Fence Gate Inn. 

I played and tweaked, made a variety of hats, mustaches and the like and finally delivered Fitz. I think I nailed it........ I was going for a 
Terry Thomas style.

The Fence Gate Inn 

The first image and the one below was of a picture I was also commissioned to do for the same place as he asked what I was like at drawing dogs.....

So all safely delivered and up on the walls phew. Back to organising the Artisan Market for Burnely Arts Centre. But within 4 days of the market we were told we were contravening the ancient market charter of 1210AD......

We were allowed to have our first one on Sunday which I felt was a success. It was busy and the exhibitors stalls looked amazing. From cupcakes to chutneys, cheese to fabulous art and crafts. See below for the amazing array of talent on display.

We are working on how we get around the Charter and also working with the council to make sure we are doing it right so May will be postponed and hopefully we will be back in June crossing everything.

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