Monday, 4 August 2014

#RHSTatton Park Flower Show

We how much fun was that and also how many plants did you come home with? I had to steal myself but in the end I brought 9! Not at all tempted by beautiful flowers am I?

Sweet peas from the garden were quite good even in that heat we had. All but the irises were from my or mums garden and they looked brilliant in my opinion especially in that heat. It was hot as a really hot thing all week which was ace but in a leg cast maybe not so great.

Pimms O'clock

We soldiered on and I had the lovely Sara and my dad to help me over the 5 days we were there.

Mavis and Gladys went to their forever homes too

Deer in the car park as we were leaving :-) 

Duncan had quite a few admirers too.

New larger pendants with the latest designs.

It was a fab week though tiring on crutches but for the first time it was a brilliant show for sales of drawings and pots too.  The sun shone a little too hotly but we survived, the M6 was a little trying but we got there most days on time :-) I think it maybe one we go back to next year too.

Then on Wednesday Stephen Kingsford and I went up to Whitley Bay to sadly to attend the funeral of fellow potter Michael Palmer, one half of the Geordie Boys. He was always there with a grin and a beer in hand at every Potfest and even came over to the Park with his business partner Andrew. They were a fab duo always up for a beer and a chinwag and good hugs. He will be sadly missed by all the Potfest family and thoughts go out to his wife Jeanette and family and our Andrew Geordie Boy.

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