Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Happy New Year 2016 Review (in pics of course)

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you all survived the festivities well and are raring to go this new year. Well it is customary for me to do a review of the last year so here goes it's been a mixed one I can tell you. 
So we started with a few new pieces including Alan the Bluetit above. 
There's been a good few new pieces of work made this year I have had fun to be honest. 
Weasels, cows, nuthatches and treecreepers and a good range of 
new porcelain too including vases and earrings.

Lord Weasington Popgoes


There was a few dogs in there too including Monteeeee who went to his forever home at Christmas bless him and is now called Rufus! 

We had a sad April as our beloved Charlie dog left us after only 5 years. He was a rescue and we were his 3rd and final home. He was loved, adored and spoilt rotten too. We were so proud and honoured to be in his pack.

We then had a few schools projects, good fun was had
(I'm trying not to be sad at this point so I am chivving myself on)

The BFG landed in a school on Preston 


And then a full two weeks in a school making their values in clay and a mosaic with the infants 

We get to the summer with my 3rd year at RHS Tatton Flower Show with some new pieces

with Trevor the Tree creeper

New Displays too

And a small accident left me with a pot on my leg for a few weeks!

I also worked on A Stirring Tale with the NFWI dipping spoons with the rather fabulous Clare Spender which will be exhibited in February at Salisbury Museum. 
I also attended a number of more local Fairs including 
Scorton & Lytham Hall with Hopeful & Glorious 

With the lovely Wendy Clark(no E) 
There were a number of fabulous workshops and also a few really well attended Open Studios events too. All making for a rather good year all round (except for Charlie dog of course!)

This brings us right up to now and I will be working on new ideas, new animals and bird sculptures and hopefully some fabulous workshop participants details to follow soon! 

My festive season was spent with family, the other half and friends and a bit of
beach combing on New Years Day.

New years day finds

Also this November we bit the bullet and decided to adopt as a family this wonderful creature. Shannon the 14 month old lurcher cross. She is quite adorable and is settling in well after being in kennels all her life. She is a sweetheart so all things so far are doing well. *crosses fingers

hmmm looking like butter wouldn't melt after running off with my knitting wool

So new dates for workshops if you would like to learn a new skill or refresh an old one.

New shows to look forward to including Countryfile Live in June 

And hopefully more regular updates, new work and more workshops 
hope this finds you all well and looking forward to an exciting new year as I am signing off to make a brew and contemplate tidying the studio! 

Happy New Year!

I have sneaked back to just add my last commission of 2016 which was a Christmas present it was good fun to make and I am working next week with a class of Year 3s to create their own mythical creatures too I am quite excited :-)

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