Friday, 22 October 2010

Artist Access 2 Art Colleges at Cumbria University in Carlisle..........

Well this week has been eventful and a hard one to be honest. I am working in the ceramics dept of Cumbria Uni which in my world was Cumbria College of Art and Design. It's a fantastic department and the facilities are second to none and the students have soo much space to work it is brilliant.

This is my space to work in which to be honest is more space that I have in my studio! That will be rectified on Monday as I have found it brilliant to work in. The reasons behind the whole project is to make slip cast moulds of my work to help make production easier for me and also to use the processes learnt to create a new body of work to hopefully take to the British Trade Craft Fair in Harrogate next year. Crossing fingers.

After a few false starts and a good talking to by Gwen, seen here showing me how its done properly. I have a selection of moulds and some flat textured batts to take away and experiement with. I also have some parian and bone china slips so my work will be whiter than before. I am very excited about it all and very tired too.

So I should be able to create some drop out moulds this week for the rest of my work and also be able to produce it quicker. I am quite excited about how I can take the techniques further and my head is buzzing with new ideas. Hmmm we shall see. I have put work on hold so far and am back to it next week with orders to go out but they will fly by as I want to get started already.

But first a weekend and also a Chinese takeaway to start it off as I am quite tired now. May get to the Great Northern Caft show by Sunday we shall see.....

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