Friday, 29 July 2011

Marking Time competition piece at Potfest in the Park

Well I got here in one piece even if I did break two very treasured pieces by my friend Kerry Cox the morning of packing the car to get to Potfest. A sad moment indeed as she doesn't make her ceramic work anymore.

But on the brighter side it looks like my breaking things streak hit early and I didn't break anything setting up for Potfest in the Park. This is my competition piece called 'one o'clock, two o'clock....' based on dandelion clocks. this years competition on the lawn has brought out the best in people so I will post more pics as the weekend goes on but here's my piece to be going on with I am hoping the wind doesn't pick up overnight or it doesn't rain too heavily before the punters see it!



  1. Eeeeeeek about the breakages twinks! Ohhh my days I LOVE your competition pieces, really pretty and magical pips. Loves Ionwen X

  2. Thanks Ionwen x the breakages means I can buy replacements though and I did! Will blog pics :-) x


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