Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Craft in the Bay and Stations of the Cross catch up

So I have had a minor operation last week and I am house bound due to infection risk etc so I am playing catch up on office work etc though I should technically be resting but it's quite a hard thing to do. 

Before the op I went to see my work at the lovely gallery 
Craft in the Bay in Cardiff in 'A Personal Perspective' exhibition.

I really enjoyed my weekend away in Cardiff and I would like to say thank you to Catherine and Charlotte at the gallery, the work was hung beautifully and there was even a sale of one of my landscape pieces. 
There is a catalogue and essays along side the works 

Since then I have been into a lovely school in Morecambe to create a wall piece for the entrance hall of an 8ft x 4ft angel following on from a small wall plaque that has been there for a number of years this time made by the children. 

So its now cut up and is drying ready for firing with a coppery stain to highlight the childrens' patterns and designs.

ready for their numbers

Unlike these which are fired and ready for delivery to St Leonards Church in Lango all ready for Palm Sunday. 
Unfortunately I could not go due to infection risk but I do hope 
the children were pleased with the end results. 

But back to me 
and my work I do like the shadows 
cast by the Feathered piece 
on exhibition in Cardiff until 28th April.

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