Monday, 11 March 2013

Higherford Mill Artists Exhibition

The Exhibition is themed 'Spring' at The Cross Gaits Inn, Blacko. The exhibition opens at 7pm on Thursday come on down for punch and nibbles.

So I found a home for some old and new hares to gauge reactions. But all seems very positive so far and also a sale! Wow I wasn't expecting that and all from publicizing the show on facebook!

Well heres a sneaky peak at the work on show. Some of mine and some from the other artists in the Mill. 

Wildlife - wood cuts - Anita Burrows
Cyril - Julie Miles SOLD
Water meetings - batik - Simon Clarke

Joe Hesketh
Helen Oxley
Karen Redmayne
Syd - Julie Miles
Hector - Julie Miles
Flora - Joe Hesketh
The hanging team :-)

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