Friday, 30 August 2013

Procrastination and all that!

So I am sat at the computer with a application behind my blogger pages I know I know the deadline is today but sometimes you just have to take a minute or two to check facebook, twitter, etc etc. I am halfway through it but just taking a moment honest but I have been telling myself that for about an hour after updating the phone, downloading pics, and ordering things I will get on I promise but first a little blog update :-)

So four new hares to add to the family  and Boris found his
 new home almost as soon as he was out of the kiln. 
They have promised pictures to follow when 
they have put him on the wall in this new home. 

So Potfest was a success and 5 out of 7 hares displayed went to their new homes so I am spending some time developing full bodied hares and also a few more tropgy heads to hopefully go to galleries, we shall see. I would like to play with foxes too but am feeling I need to master my hares first but it's been a while that I have been soo excited about a new venture. 

So this weeks been a catching up on officey stuff and also old friends. On Wednesday I had a lovely visit from my friend Carolyn we are trying to smile and look lovely without baggy eyes and double chins here. It was so lovely to see her and catch up on the comings and goings of each others lives. She is glowingly pregnant so I better get knitting!  Also a catch up on the Cross Gaits Inn at Blacko with new work hung the week after Potfest in the Park. I framed up some drawings I was playing with I am not sure if they will be ceramics yet we shall just have to watch this space.They just so made me smile.


It has been a tough year this one and I couldn't have done it without the help of my family and friends so I am feeling reflective today. Well when you have to write a positive account of yourself you realise you couldn't get to that point without the love and support of others so here at the bottom of my procrasinations I am going to say thank you to everyone who has supported me this year you know who you are :-)
Oh ok I am going back to the application honest x


  1. you have been busy!! I'm glad you have the support of all those you love and who dearly love you x x

    1. thanks H its been a toughie but goods things are afoot. How's the new house hope Conkers settling in xxx

      Oh and application sent too! I am on a roll!


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