Thursday, 29 May 2014

Cherry Fold Arts Awards with Y6

So I was asked to go back to Cherry Fold Primary School after last years success of our Arts Awards banners for the school entrance celebrating Y6s journey through the school. This year the Y6s are mostly made up of a group of children I worked with along side their teacher Mrs Fisher in Y3 every Wednesday for almost a full year. We learnt a lot together looking at teaching the curriculum creatively and even had a visit from Ofsted whilst working on our Egyptian project achieving an outstanding grade when one of the boys offered the inspector his own workspace and piece of clay. This time we looked at creating a frieze using Italian Renaissance techniques of transferring the images from the designs or 'cartoons' on to the clay.

Our topic was what we were proud of Burnley for, which at the beginning a few said it was boring miss! After the first few hours of talking and drawing our favourite bits of where they lived the children had changed their opinion and were rather proud of their home town. The Frieze consists of twelve 30cm square clay tiles which join onto each other to form a continuous picture. The metre square Coat of Arms was the idea of one of the children who wanted to celebrate Burnley and the motto of the town. 

The clay will fire terracotta and the pale blue is the glaze that will melt in the firing to reveal the River Brun running through the town joining all the tiles together. 

See how many things you can identify from Burnley on the pieces there is a few missing so will reveal the full piece when fired. 

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