Sunday, 25 May 2014

Festival of Wonders part of the Nights at the Museum

Nights at the Museum is a national project which the Festival of Wonders is part of. Anita Burrows and I devised a project to reach the younger end of the village, Mother and Toddler group, Brownie and Guide troops and also Adults including the Friends of The Heritage Centre in Barrowford. We wanted to forge links between the Centre and Higherford Mill as we still get people coming up to us saying they never knew we were there even though Anita and I are entering our 13th year at Higherford Mill!

We visited the groups with willow and tissue intending to make a replica mill and chimney but they were more excited about our trip along the river. We settled on fish and bird life and even some tadpoles along the way. We worked with the toddlers to make simple shapes so they were easy to create in the short period of time we spent at the library in Barrowford. And larger creations were created over a couple of sessions with 
one adult returning 3 times to finish her lantern. 

The lanterns were displayed in the Barn at the Heritage Centre and collected when lit to walk along the riverbank.

At the end of the walk the participants were rewarded with cake and refreshments and a number of open studios at the mill. There was also the added bonus of Pendles' 2nd Glass Festival too.

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