Thursday, 16 October 2014

New work, exhibitions and more.....

Angus and Neville

 So some of you may know I exhibit in at The Cross Gaits Inn, Blacko on a regular basis. Selling quite a lot over the last few years, this time with an Autumn theme with a mix of landscapes and animals all in very autumnal colours. 

The animals do go down very well and I nearly sold a few as I was setting them up. The landscapes are mainly birch trees as at this time of year they are stunning in actual fact I am a bit in love with birches and they have been a continuing theme throughout my work since college. 
They will be up for a few months till I get more mobile as still in a leg cast but seeing a surgeon next week. The theme of Winter won't be far behind.

Cross Gaits Inn, Blacko

And along side this exhibition I have some work at the Winter Warmers Exhibition at Towneley Hall, Burnley and also this week delivered a mix of new trophy heads and parian slip cast cow parsley vases to the Christmas exhibition at the Platform Gallery, Clitheroe. 
Quite pleased with the new heads they are very cute and high fired to stoneware give the ears more strength as they have been the most vulnerable of late. I hope you like the sheep I think I now have an excuse to buy a book on different sheep breeds now and play!

Baabara the Sheep

Bonnie the hare

Gertrude the cow

Orford the Otter

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