Thursday, 6 November 2014

Art Sale and Otters on their jollies

Well Sunday was fabulous. Meeting new customers and friends in a fabulous and in a relaxed atmosphere with coffee too. Thank you to all who came to visit, browse and buy.
Mungo, Frank, Finlay and Jessica have now gone to their forever homes too.

and after the sale I was asked to take along Clarence and Claude to a new gallery in Clitheroe who have not had ceramics before

it was lovely to meet Sarah and Andy the directors of the Longitude Gallery
and I think Sarah fell a little bit in love with Claude the Otter.
So they are now on their jollies in Clitheroe for a bit so I do hope they are behaving.
Go see them and say hello from mum ;-)

So the rest of the works including the very new owls and sheep Betty and Burt 
will be in my online shop as soon as I can get them in there. 

I am actually back in the studio this week after how long
I couldn't say so tidying ready for me to create some more new work!

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