Friday, 27 November 2015

A Winter's Tale

 These came about after a conversation with one of the other mill artists Eddie Davies when I was playing with smaller animals and made a little mole for fun. As the exhibition we were working towards is called 'A Winter's Tale' it fitted well that I had a go at making the EH Shepard characters illustrating Kenneth Grahames Wind in the Willows so these were born. The glasses are actual real  lenses I swapped for a vase with one of Karens students and made with copper wire. The pipe is a long running prop that a lot of the other artists have too. It's a long story but it was in my studio!



 I had fun can you tell? It was a bit of light relief after filling a skip last weekend with stuff from my studio yes a skip all be it a mini one but really I didn't think I could do it but I did! and I now have my kiln in my studio too. It's very exciting....but back to the exhibition........

heres the mole that started it off with a few hares too
a couple of wrens



And I have a few newish heads including Bernard the Ram and
Lucien the Bull with his own copper nose ring too 




Betty and Loch the mountain hare

the only drawings are Munroe and Nevis the Mountain Hare
So the exhibition opens tomorrow and I will be at the
Markers Market next week too with my porcelain and a few more hares. 

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