Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Drawing in the Lakes

So this weekend I sent a few days with my friend who came to visit me after she went on a short experimental drawing course. I took her up to my folks caravan and we got lost in the lakes for a few days drawing en plein air. It was fabulous I loved it I mean really loved it, it was so relaxing and I have not giggled or laughed so hard for a very very long time.

We ended up getting lost and found Torver Common after a few detours well I love this place so we stopped for lunch and well didn't get very far afterwards as it's where I drew 'For the love of trees' a number of years ago so its a place close to my heart. 

 It was all very experimental and about mark making with different tools and grounds. I ended up using a feather to draw with and so very new Derwent coloured charcoals which I fell in love with. 

I introduced twigs and sticks from the surrounding birch trees and bracken we were sat in. 

Playing with a palette knife too  

Drawing with feathers dipped in inks

Sorry I have only just realised these are upside down! bugger I will see what I can do to rectify this min the meantime here's the link to the online shop.

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