Sunday, 15 May 2016

Sorry its been a while

Well that's a month of intense working and sadness I don't want to repeat.

I think I'm just coming out of a flare up and with new meds for high blood pressure its been eventful. 

New work going to new homes 

Lord Montague Weasington Popgoes if off on his way to his new life down in Bristol 

 We have been working towards Open Studios which was yesterday which went well down at Higherford Mill.

 When my fingers are seizing up or joints causing a lot of pain (psoriatic arthritis) I try and work on something that doesn't stress them out too much which extraordinarily are these little things bird and hares etc in a soft stoneware. 

But as they eased I could get back to playing with my slab roller trying to work out how to combine the simplicity of the leaf prints but not loosing the drawing aspects of my slip cast work. I have combined them but and still developing the ideas to get a product I feel would be saleable, reasonable priced and keep me developing the porcelain side of my work which I feel such a strong bond. Do I stop it and concentrate on the animals and birds? I don't know that I am ready so I need to see how the wrists, joints and other things play out so here's the results. 

So onto the reason of throwing myself into the work.....well some may know others may not but we lost our Charlie Dog on the 18th April. And it hurts, a lot, I can't write more as I will start to cry again. It's too raw and fresh even now it lose such a character who captured your heart with those big brown eyes. We are sadder than a really sad thing but glad to have met him to one of his pack and to be loved by such a marvelous creature. I am signing off as I am crying again.... see I said to raw to soon and too beautiful a boy. Sleep well my lovely. 

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