Monday, 25 July 2016

RHS Tatton Flower Show 2016

Well its over for another year and well to say it was hot is an understatement!

 New slab rolled porcelain bluebell vases 

New porcelain slab rolled swallow vases 

 Parian slip cast vases with the boys 

Animal heads 

Apparently Tarquin is going the wrong way down the tree for a tree creeper

Terry the Tawny Owl was on his forever home 

My new dog heads was received well though maybe I need a selection for display. I have a commission for two already so that should keep me busy for a while. Well once I get the right crutches. Yes I have torn my Achilles tendon again but this time in the other leg! I have been given a zimmer frame until they can order me special crutches and I am also in a plaster cast unlike last time. Oh I am a numpty! 

Anyway here's my favourite bits of the flowery bit. 

Garden Library by Kelly Brown in the Upright Gardens

Garden Library by Kelly Brown in the Upright Gardens 

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