Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Open Studios Sept/Oct 2016

So this is happening this weekend here at Higherford Mill 
Gisburn Road, Barrowford, Lancashire BB9 6JH
We are opening our studios again too
with refreshments and cake! 
of course!

Then these are taken from my holidays last week in the Highlands of Scotland. I went to have a rest and drink gin and eat choklit.

I was quite obsessed with the fungi which was fruiting everywhere and also the local wildlife. 
There were no pesky Eagles, Golden or otherwise and no otters or pesky otters or even beavers as we were close to where they were released in Argyle

There was also lots of lichen and also the mosses were amazing 

We got very excited at seeing this bird till we were approached by her handler as he was doing a display at the weekend and lost one of his birds of prey and was using his one to lure the other back. We were given a fab display by his hawk who was showing off for the 2 buzzards flying over head!

This dragonfly was sat sunning itself quietly until I came a long with my camera and took lots of pics. When I got home I downloaded them did I realised I was disturbing its tea.

More fungi

Baby wagtail

We fed the birds whilst having a picnic

and was serenaded by this beautiful robin

Rob Roys grave 

Loch Voil 

We did see some very marvelous Red Deer but we were traveling rather fast for photos
as we only really saw them really from the car. So evidence was needed

more fungi

This was from the bridge at Killin Falls of Dockart I thought it looked very much like a face especially when the rain drop hit the centre of the rock pool.

So on the way back to compensate for not seeing pesky eagles we went via 
Dumfries & Galloway to see if we could spot some Red Kites. 
Well we saw loads at the feeding station.

 And hopefully I will make time for me to do something with some of the
 1000 pictures I may of took! 
Watch this space....

But until then we have another date for the diary coming up too

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