Monday, 14 August 2017

Pet portrait commissions

So I have launched a pet portrait strand to the business with the first few coming through Facebook and Instagram. Here's the latest efforts to capture Molly the Springer for a lovely lady I have worked for previously.

So I work from photographs to create, with your help, your pet I have mainly having a go at dog as I am a little obsessed and will always speak to them when passing and not always the owner oops.

new leaflets

I ask for a deposit of £75 via paypal or bacs and I will keep you updated closely via email with updates of progress so you can change and alter things together. It will not be a photographic likeness but hopefully capture their spirit and am not opposed to props including crowns, tiaras for divas or whatever you feel will reflect their personalities.
We start price wise with £225 for approx 12cms high, in clay, upwards.
Timescales are usually 4-6weeks depending on the time of year as Christmas I would need a bit longer. 

There will be a delivery cost if the piece can not be picked up or delivered by hand locally.
All works can be couriered with costs paid by the commissioner. 

All we need are a number of photographs emailed to and I will confirm timescales and request deposit by return email. 

I think that's it I will probably edit and correct things as we go a long but at least it's out there and I can get started on two lovely dogs and a rhino!

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