Sunday, 13 August 2017

Summer catch up and our trip to Countryfile Live

Well that was an adventure after our lovely joint exhibition for my 15 year anniversary at Higherford Mill it was full steam ahead for my attendance at Countryfile Live in the Craft Heroes section. 

Lots of lovely newer than new work has been developed so I could explore more bird sculptures and launch my pet portraits made to commission too. 

New stand was developed also with the birch tree from my dads driveway. 

So all set up with walls as the stand walls were grey tweed fabric and I thought the work may of disappeared into it. We used wall paper to cover the gaps and maybe that would of been an easier option but MDF was actually cheaper.

I took a mix of work from porcelain vases to the animal heads and bird sculptures, both wall mounted and individuals on their own plinths. I was pleased with the actual over all display and my new shelving made with birch branches I absolutely adore.

 The show was a mix of country show, food festival and educational things to do. I am not sure the craft side of the Shopping Village worked to be honest. There was a craft in action tent which we were nowhere near us at Craft Heroes which seemed a bit disjointed in that respect. And to be completely honest I am disappointed I didn't make a profit or break even which is a shame as I enjoyed spending time with fellow makers there everyone was really lovely but the majority were in the same boat. There was a mix of customers some picky at details but most were really complimentary, we won't mention #Eargate or #Whiskergate poor Jeff.

 New blackbirds

Alan the bluetit was a bit bored so he went on an adventure around the park and was then kidnapped by a visitor and had a whale of a time visiting different stands and attending the grand theatre to watch the celebrity presenters talk about their experiences filming the programme. 

 new shelving with new song thrushes

Woody the woodpecker was greatly admired but didn't find a forever home so he has come back to Lancashire to be put on the website. Someone mentioned that if he knew the colours wouldn't fade he would buy him for the conservatory but didn't stay to listen to the fact he has already been fired to 1280 degrees centigrade and would definitely not fade in the full sun of a conservatory. 

Hey ho onwards and upwards. I will be a bit quiet for a bit recovering and maybe uploading to the website shop. I maybe a while.

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