Monday, 28 May 2018

Cow Parsley

Well yesterday I had a lovely day off! I know I am getting good at them aren't I well a trip to see the newly opened Giuseppe Penone who I wrote about in my dissertation nigh on 20 odd years ago it was good to see his work in the flesh all together in this rather fabulous exhibition.

 Anyway on the way I got a message from a lovely lady called Linda who had written a blog all about Cow Parsley and gifts you could treat yourself to or others to and she had features some of my work so this morning I sat down to have a look. 

It is a rather splendid blog with lots of fabulous pictures of artists and crafts people work about featuring cow parsley and other things too. 

Please do go and have a look and it includes my lovely cow parsley vases from my etsy shop. 

Thanks Linda what a lovely thing to do 

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