Sunday, 17 April 2011

Inspiration in the garden - sketchbook pages

Well it's been a busy week but I am not sure what I have been doing to be honest. Lots of prep work and tidying up after BCTF, paperwork and I was actually in a school, probably the only one in the whole of Pennine Lancashire but hey it was a good day playing with clay for Y5/6s. I will share some photos later they are now drying waiting for a kiln firing so all good. I was actually inspired by a friend Hannah Kidds blog to write on mine about showing my workings out. She talked about how we get children in schools to show their workings out and how as adults it is quite a scary thing to do so I thought I would show you some of my thought processes here and how I get to draw the things I do and this week I have been out in the sunshine in the garden.....

It's my first attempt at planting veggies for a complete season and I was given some seeds for my birthday and some last year for sowing in winter but I never got round to it so I have radishes and broad beans starting to grown in my not so finely tilled soil but it's a start. I love gardening and use it as inspiration and a resource in my work as you can see here

We had a blackbirds nest fall out of the ivy last week with an egg and unfotunately a dead chick but hopefully she has time to make another nest.

sketchbook pages  

I was also looking at drawing some different flowers for my vases and also for the table centres for a friends wedding so I have gone back to straight observational drawing to get back into the swing of it before turning it into a more stylised version that I feel comfotable to work with.

Queen if the Night tulips planted by me.

We shall see, there is still a lot more to explore as the garden is coming to life and as I have inherited a really nice spot I am still discovering what spring bulbs are exploding into life and colour.

Don't panic the foxgloves haven't flowered just yet I was just showing you what's to come am hoping they are white ones too.

And last but not least Hannah has just got back from her hols she has brought me a present. Her future husband wasn't too impressed to be honest that she picked it up whilst walking the fells of Cumbria but is an amazing find and I love it though I am sure you may find it a bit gruesome but I can add it to my collection that I have picked up along the way. Right off to fire a kiln, hope this is a little insight into what goes on in an artists head or explain some of the finished pieces you can see in my studio etc. Hmmm maybe not.......

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