Friday, 1 April 2011

Who booked three schools for the week leading up to BCTF?????

Chembakolli village with Y3s
Well it's been an experience not to be repeated this week, work wise. As well as helping to create a village and a street scene from India with Year 3s and an 'Under the Water' scene with Y1s, I spent today felt making reflections in water with Y5/6 unfortunately forgetting to take some shots of their amazing work and am now completely exhausted!

errrr.....I'll not repeat what I actually said!

On top of that it is the British Craft Trade Fair at Harrogate starting tomorrow so I need to get organised for that too. First time in 6 years! Next time, if there is a next time, I may take the week before off! I have change my whole making process and even changed my clay so it's been an uphill struggle to master the materials with my wrists and also to achieve the finish I aspire to. Any how I have dropped more than my fair share this week! Five finished pieces fell off the edge of the table in the dining room and then the handle broke on my final show pieces, the big ones too, as I was transporting them to the kiln! So on to Plan B with the decals but they were still in the post! They eventually arrived today and I have got my final kiln on for the show, cross everything! Please!

So a sneak preview and I am now going to finish my price list and show info for the press wish me luck!


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