Thursday, 5 January 2012

Huncoat, Clitheroe and the witches

Today was a funny old day starting with a snow storm and an accident on the M65 luckily not me. It made me late but someone was having a worse day so no complaining here. I have been commissioned to create a giant brick from Redac bricks for the gateway to the town of Huncoat the home of the Red Accrington Brick which isn't a Nori Brick. Complicated stuff but it will be built in the next few weeks so pics to follow to explain further. I had a meeting on site to show me the areas that can not be trodden on without an irate landowner shooing us off with a shot gun under his arm so hopefully he will be ok with my bricklayers we shall see!

My second and drier meeting was at the lovely Platform Gallery in Clitheroe with Sue and Pete Flowers from Green Close Studios and a number of artists who have been invited to create work to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Pendle Witch trials. I will be working with community groups basing it on the journey of the accused from Pendle to Lancaster. I am still in the research stage but there will be more info to follow. With fellow artist Kate Eggleston-Wirtz we went to explore Clitheroe and the Castle Museum it was an interesting trip.

Interesting finds in the Castle Museum.

Griffin from the Duchy of Lancaster Coat of Arms

And everyone laughed when I rescued a shed door from the skip it may come in handy one day I am sure about that! This beauty was in the museum a little bit more important than mine but hey mines still lovely.

Then a trip to the local hardware store proved to be a treasure trove of shiny things which were laid out like a sweet shop!

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