Monday, 30 January 2012

A walk in the park

Well its been a while since I visited my first major brick project and this weekend we went to see it in the snow. It is on the site of an old brick and tile factory behind Towneley Hall in Burnley. Made from Ravenhead red brick which was mixed from clay dug at Huncoat part of the old Redac brick quarry. Which leads me on to my new brick sculpture which hopefully being installed this week fingers crossed.

The piece was created with three primary schools in Burnley in 2005/6 and was up for a Brick award from the National Brick Association. I still love it and has now got mosses and lichen growning on it so returning back to nature so to speak. It is on the Wayside Arts Trail leading up to the Singing Ringing Tree at Crown Point.

The light and colours were stunning in the snow and I think the last time I visited the windswept tree was the at the opening I must go more often.

Saturday ended with the opening of 'A Pendle Investigation' by the painter Joe Hesketh at a gallery in Colne the start of a touring exhibition by Joe on the trails and walk talken by the accused women involved in the witch trails four hundred years ago this year.

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