Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Contemporary Craft Festival 2014

Packing and flapping slightly as it is my first time and that I may not get it all in so my top box has come out of storage in the shed. There was cat paw prints across the top which is a little strange as I have no cat but my shed does have mice! Honestly. It has a little bit of an orange glow like Ready Brek as it was in there when I spray painted an octopus for a school but hopefully that will wash off in the rain :-)

The last kiln is on so I will pick it up on my way passed tomorrow with more buttercups like this and clematis below. So Swallows, bluebells, cow parsley and trusty the dandelion clocks are all packed. With a few creatures and bird houses so a range of work to show.

test piece

I had a go at mocking up the space as I marked it out on the floor and using the boards to give me an idea of what to do. I did borrow a table but have left it behind in favour of my plinths I made for Country Living many moons ago. So it's packed and I will be ticking off my list and now time to pack me. I have to remember the flowers and water then its the camping list. The first thing I bought were limes for the gin I am bad aren't I. But Arthur and Mr T Achilles may not be so understanding so a night cap may be in order. I need to ferret out the air bed too.....pics to follow on my blog when I get back 

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wish me luck x

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