Monday, 20 April 2015

Bowland Birds

Two of the Stonechats back from the Creativity Within Beauty Exhibition at the Platform Gallery in Clitheroe which included work based on the Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Lancashire. 

More info on the AONB can be found here

I have had another go at a curlew which a birder has said isn't bad as at least he recognised it. It's less of a character than the King of the Cats Curlews which have a cheeky glint in their eye and is actually,  near life size. There was another but I am not sure of that one. and maybe the legs need to be longer. I think I may play with it before putting them on my web shop though how on earth am I going to courier them?!

I actually love the Lapwings even if they gave me palpitations on the way to the kiln with their head feathers I need to refine them a little but we shall see I also now think on reflection the tail feathers need to balance more but I was working to approximate sizes and to be honest I still love them a positive step etc.
But my favourites are the Snipes.....

There is a Lapwing and Stonechats along side some Long Tailed Tits on exhibition at the Art Room Gallery in Garstang till May 12th 2015 

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