Thursday, 13 January 2011

ooops being neglectful

My apologies its been two months since my last confess sorry blog post I have been rather busy and I fear its going to get busier!

Stand at the Triangle (Corn Exchange) Manchester

I have stood in the Triangle for 5 weeks and didn't make my fortune, ho hum, never mind. It was an experience not to be repeated. Maybe my work just isn't ready for Manchester Christmas market or it's not ready for my work but you live and learn not to do it again! So after finishing work on Christmas Eve! With no sales I had a few days off to recover and am back to it.

Starting with a tidy up, casting my new moulds and meeting schools for the new term ahead. Its been really busy and with no time to sit and think so this is the first time I have had chance especially as my laptop was broken and my car in for repair and Christmas presents still left to knit (one more glove to go, do you think it rude of me to wrap just one up for my Aunt? She laughed and the second is on its way).

My first foray into casting my moulds came out of the kiln tonight after a high firing. I used a copper wire finish inspired by my landscape drawings. Not sure I like them so I need to play about with the cast clay to get a better finish we shall see. More to come as I am back at the Uni on Monday so need to get my head around it. Looking forward to it as my hatred for plaster has turned to more of a mutual respect which I am very pleased about. Pics to follow when washed and considered. Have booked the British trade Craft Fair in April so lots to do Stand 286! Scary or what?!

So anyway not to bore you with the mundane of the last few weeks though I will say that my Uncle Tony's funeral was both moving and hilarious in the right ways and when I remember him it will definitely be with a smile.

I want to share with you my new purchase and a beautiful gift a friend gave me just before Christmas

cream and turquoise spotty wangle bangle

I ordered the white wangle bangle at Nostalgia meets Design in Cumbria last November and my lovely friend Gwen gave me the other as a thank you for helping with her stand at the event. I was happy to help and so pleased that the event that she organised went so well. I was a little teary when I opened the box as I had received mine a few weeks before through the post I knew that there would be an amazing piece of jewellery in side the bright pink box! The artist is Kaz Robertson and she has a blog and an artist page on Love Dazzle an amazing website with fantastic jewellery. I used to have a Dazzle buy every year till I bought a house and well it may have to be bi-annual from now on! Anyway find her work at


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