Monday, 31 January 2011

What a week that was!

Well that was a manic week with three schools, a birthday night out bowling, a Friday night of fun, a day out in Manchester and a takeaway! Well I was too tired to cook by Sunday tea of course.

Schools started with an India theme looking at images of the culture, towns and countryside. We explored the use of colour and paint and created our own rahki bracelets which was fun with a bunch of year 3s. They had some chicks in the infants which we all got to see, just hatched too. The next day I spent 'under the sea' with year 1s looking at brightly coloured fish and creating our own under water scenes with oil pastel and ink wash. We looked at things we might find under the ocean and they came up with loads of things we hadn't even thought off in the planning so there is lots of scope in the redesign of their entrance to the school. Next week we are using clay to create our own shoal of fish for the walls, some days I love my job!

Thursday night the Higherford Mill lot went bowling to celebrate Micks birthday which was all good fun especially as the nice people at AMF Bowling Carlisle rebooked us into the Burnley one! Now that would of been a long drive. Somehow I had booked two lanes at their alley although I did book through the central reservations and confirmed it! Bless 'em thank you and for 11 of us for two games it was only £33! cheap night out or what? I think we may be going back. And here to prove I can actually do it was my winning score at the bottom of the screen, honest I couldn't belive it myself! lol! That was the first game I wasn't the best with the next but we won't mention that.

Friday included a trip to Liverpool Tate with a group of Year5/6s to look at 'This is Sculpture' exhibition. There was one room we avoided, thank you Tracey Emin but we seemed to get away with the rest of it even though there was a Chapman brothers piece in there. The children were very well behaved and really enjoyed it from their sketchbook drawings and the disco dancing floor deisgned by Wayne Hemmingway. We were allowed to walk in the Carl Andre piece made out of magnesium slates which was a very cool experience though when some of the children touched it we were told why and wanted to immediately wash our hands!  The staff at the Tate commented on how well mannered and behaved the children were. I really enjoyed myself and most of the children fell asleep on the coach on the way back. We wanted to go to Crosby beach and Formby Point but we had to give six weeks notice to go anywhere with water on the risk assessment. We avoided the fact that the Tate Liverpool is on the docks, opps. No photos as I was told I needed a permit but the teacher merrily  took loads with their blessing without being asked for his! most annoyed as some of those shapes on the dance floor were amazing.

Friday night was wine and cheese tasting at Turners in Barrowford. A good night was had by all and we tried the organic fruit beers which to be honest are just so lush the raspberry being my favourite. Then back to Joe,  Paul and Monteees for an amazing picnic of cheeses and olives with warm bread and a good giggle. Must take more pics for the blog.

Saturday saw another day of art at Manchester Art Gallery before Recorders by Rafael Lozano Hemmer closed on Sunday. 'Please Empty Your Pockets' being one of my favourites though the attendant was slightly off hand when I put my hat on the conveyor and then tripped and fell into the mic on another piece and he told me not to touch. Like I did it on purpose I liked to see him with a schools party! There was also a piece that was suspended light bulds that recorded your pulse, very atmospheric and very interactive. A really good experience of modern art, I really wish we had taken the school children there as well.

Any item up to 20 x 20 x 30 cm can be placed on the conveyor belt. Once the objects pass under a scanner an image is captured and you will see them reappear on the other side of the belt, beside projected images drawn from the memory of the installation.
As a real item is removed from the belt it will leave behind a trace in the form of a projected image. The work remembers over 600,000 objects which are re-played and used to accompany future objects.

Wagamamas for lunch and a homemade chilli for tea with a bottle of Vina Sol so all good. And I found that Tooty Fruuties are veggie and milk free!

Today I spent the afternoon tidying under the stairs which was filled with office stuff. I am starting to archive past projects and promotional materials to give me more space and to down size it all. Why I kept all my notes on my pgce I will never know I am never writting another scheme of work or essay on methods of learning as long as I live! There was a lot to recylce and that's not even half of it but not as scary as first thought so bring on the next room. So now down to work... oh is that the time? May have to wait till tomorrow

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